Soul Survivor is a group of individuals dedicated to changing lives. Every member of our team has gone through extensive training to become experts in their field. We pride ourselves on learning and growing with our clients as we help them on their road to recovery.


  • Our Mission is to help encourage a promising future to those who have been reminded daily of their painful past.
  • To dedicate ourselves and our services to helping change lives.
  • To be advocates for individuals who once thought that they will forever remain branded by their past.
  • To provide outstanding services at little or no cost for those in need.

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Our Founder

Soul Survivor Inc. was created by founder Gina Jernukian. After spending over 20 years in the beauty industry, Gina became a certified permanent make-up artist and doors began to open for her. Gina knew she could provide something more than just beauty services and really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives so  she became certified in advanced micropigmentation and Para medical tattooing. She learned that through this service, she could help women who lost their breasts to breast cancer to feel beautiful once again. She didn’t stop there and felt a calling to expand her business to removing tattoos. The most popular method of tattoo removal is by laser which can be dangerous as the ink is pushed into the skin and through the blood stream. The tattoo removal method she uses actually pulls the ink out of the body. Gina and her incredible team have removed “tattoo brandings” from women who have been affected by a painful former life. She understands the dire need for this service, as it is not offered in many places, and how powerful tattoo removal can be for ones healing. Soul Survivor Inc. has grown from a single technician to seven individuals who are dedicated and working together to make a true difference. We are also proud to announce that by 2018, we will be expanding our program to Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles and the United Kingdom. Gina continues to see her dreams unfold before her eyes by touching one life at a time. She often says “ these courageous men and women bring more to my life, then I could ever bring to theirs ”



For security and safety, these photos are of other clients, not the actual survivors.


  • “I was trafficked at the age of 15 to someone I thought was my boyfriend, someone I thought loved me.
    My nightmare began the moment we reached New Mexico, and for the next 6 years I was a sex slave. Along with the other girls, My trafficker forced me get a tattoo of his name on my ribs. This haunted me every day until I found Soul Survivor Inc. Their caring staff made me feel special and loved. After 4 treatments the tattoo is erased, along with my past”.

    -Stephanie L.
  • “My story began when I was a young boy. At the age of nine I was homeless and alone. Through the years I survived on stealing and dealing drugs. I was incarcerated off and on for 17 years. While in prison I was tattooed pretty much from head to toe. I am a different person today and wanted the obscene, offensive tattoos erased. I am not done with my treatments, but for now some of the tattoos are gone and I can get a job. Thank you Soul Survivor Inc.

    -James C.
  • “I was brought up in the inner city where you live each day to survive. I entered into a gang at the age of 17. I have grown since then and volunteer and various schools and centers to help inner city kids be the best they can be. My gang related tattoo was on my neck, very visible and recognizable so wanted it removed. I went to Soul Survivor Inc. and within 5 sessions it is now gone.”

    -Juan E.


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